Is a 10 week 1-on-1 mentor program that is designed to help you have greater mental health recovery, which means having mental health strength, recovery, and resilience from any mental health difficulty or disorder. Meetings are held once a week and typically last approximately 1.5 hours depending on participants interaction.  Our Thrive mentor program can be conducted on a 1-on-1 basis or in a group setting.

Thrive will give you the tools necessary to cope with:

  1. Depression, anxiety, and panic
  2. Racing and negative thoughts
  3. Mood stability (irritability, highs and lows)
  4. Addictive habits
  5. Sleep and eating problems
  6. Relationships and isolation
  7. Disappointing church life and Christian faith (* faith based program)
  8. Feeling life is hopeless and purposeless

Thrive will guide you through a process to have better:

  1. Stress Reduction – By developing effective stress-management
  2. Healthy Thoughts – By overcoming racing and negative thoughts
  3. Relief of Suffering – By reducing the pain from depression, anxiety, addiction, and other negative challenges
  4. Healthy Living – Through a new balanced lifestyle that is easy and affordable
  5. Community Life – By creating safe and authentic relationships
  6. Life Purpose – By regaining hope and a sense of personal purpose
  7. Love of God – By restoring faith with a sense of true rest, love, and grace (* faith based program)
  8. Life Renewal – Through resilient strength and a confident look

You can email us at if you are interested in learning more about Thrive.

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