Our Mission:

Recognizing the threat of suicide is real and the results permanent, we reach out to people suffering from depression, mental health challenges, and thoughts of suicide.  We exist to offer hope, support, and encouragement, within a personal relationship, to the individual as well as their family and friends.

Who We Are:

We are a U.S. based 501c3 nonprofit organization with global reach and impact.  By making personal connections, our aim is to focus on offering hope, support, and encouragement to individuals who struggle with depression, mental health challenges, and thoughts of suicide, in addition to supporting family and friends.

We offer personalized support through a collection of programs, resources, and education.  We are a passionate team in motion, driven to change and save lives.

Our silicone bracelet program has been at the core of our vision to spread awareness of UMTR2ME and the simple yet powerful message, You Matter To Me throughout the United States and as far away as France, Italy, India and Australia.

Our website features national and international resources, educational videos and articles, written stories, and personal blogs.  Our goal is to create a unique network of support through peer experiences to those in need.  Through a collaboration with Google Translate, the UMTR2ME website is visible and translatable to individuals across the globe.

Our History:

UMTR2ME founder, Jimm Greer, has always had a passion for wanting to help those who struggle with mental illness and suicide.  Growing up as a young child Jimm struggled to understand his immense feelings of depression, isolation and failure at home and in school.  During his senior year of high school he came to the conclusion there was no reason to continue living in his pain and attempted to take his life by suicide.

10 years after his attempt Jimm was hospitalized for a major depressive episode and clinically diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  It was during his hospitalization that Jimm determined to have a new outlook on his life and began his journey to achieve a positive and healthy mental wellness that continues to this very day.

Through many years of support, medication, counseling, and his faith, Jimm was finally able to find hope in the midst’s of his perceived hopelessness.  Equipped with a better understanding of his mental health challenges, he set out to help others find that same hope he had found.  Jimm has never been ashamed nor embarrassed to share with others his mental health challenges and his attempt at suicide.  He has shared his personal story with audiences of all sizes and ages including students, military service, and community members.  Jimm’s passion for helping others came to life in August of 2012 when he launched UMTR2ME.

UMTR2ME, which simply stands for the phrase, You Matter to Me is a life changing and life-saving nonprofit organization that offers hope, support, and encouragement to individuals who struggle with depression, mental health challenges, and suicide in addition to supporting family and friends.

One of the primary ways we do that is through our silicone bracelet campaign.  These bracelets aren’t meant to be worn because they’re fun, cool or trendy. Rather, they’re meant to be worn as a beacon of hope, support, and encouragement, as well as serving as a resource, to all those who wear one.

On the one side of the bracelet you’ll find the simple yet powerful message, You Matter To Me and it’s our hope that when someone finds themselves in a dark or hopeless place they can look at the bracelet on their wrist as a reminder they matter and they can reach out for help.  On the other side of the bracelet is the UMTR2ME website where individuals can find many local, national and international resources available to assist with whatever struggles they might be going through.  Struggles like addiction, depression, self-injury, mental illness and many others.  Our website also has a continually expanding list of local and national counselors and therapist we’ve established referral relationships with.

Another way UMTR2ME offers hope, support and encouragement is through several of our core programs, which offer real in-person connections; programs like Connecting with Coffee, Text2Talk, 1-on-1 Mentor Sessions and our Impact Ambassador Program.

UMTR2ME also has a growing presence on most major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.  We believe that social media can be an invaluable resource where individuals can find real community from peers who offer their own words of hope, support, and encouragement.

Although UMTR2ME is a small grass roots nonprofit organization, which offers the unique quality of a personal experience for individuals who struggle with many of life’s challenges, we also have a global presence that has been recognized in over 75 different countries with You Matter To Me bracelets being worn in countries like Canada, Mexico and as far away as the UK, India, and Italy.

Our Uniqueness:

You might be wondering what makes UMTR2ME so unique and different from other large national nonprofit organizations that also do great work within the space of mental illness and suicide prevention?  There are two words that best describe our unique difference and they are personal connection.  UMTR2ME doesn’t put our primary focus on quantity but rather quality.  We do everything we possibly can to ensure that anyone and everyone who reaches out to our organization receives the same level of personal connection, just as if they lived right in our very own community.

We believe by offering a personal level of hope, support, and encouragement we can help anyone who might be considering suicide find hope in the midst of their own perceived hopelessness and maybe, just maybe even save a life.

Our Founder:

Jimm is too humble to admit that by simply sharing his personal story, he has changed and saved the lives of many individuals; helping them turn from suicide as a permanent solution to their temporary pain.  He will only tell you that he simply wants to have an opportunity to share with anyone who struggles with suicide the simple, yet powerful message, You Matter To Me.

Grounded in his faith and beyond a suicide attempt, which occurred years before being hospitalized and clinically diagnosed with Manic Depressive Bipolar Disorder diagnosis, Jimm shares with others his personal story of how he found hope in the midst of his own perceived hopelessness.

You can read Jimm’s personal story and his passion for UMTR2ME.

Tell someone You Matter To Metoday,
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