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Thank you for taking time to visit the UMTR2ME website.

IMG_7869No doubt you’re wondering what U
MTR2ME is?
Well we’re happy to tell you the answer is quite simple.  UMTR2ME simply stands for the phrase “You Matter To Me.”  A message that spreads across the globe in over 75 countries, including the United States, through our silicone bracelet campaign.

UMTR2ME is a life changing and life saving not for profit initiative that provides hope, support, and encouragement to individuals struggling with thoughts of suicide or those who have previously made an attempt.

You may be wondering what causes someone to consider suicipain vs copingde?  Believe it or not the answer to that question is quite simple as well, but first you must understand that suicide
comes about as a result of an individual reaching a point in their life where they feel they no longer have the coping resources necessary to handle whatever struggles they may be going through.

So what causes someone to consider suicide?  Anything that causes a person hardship, stress, and trouble in their life to the point they feel they cannot take it anymore.

DepressionIn addition to the usual suspects such as depression, mental illness, addiction, self-injury, bullying, and sexual identification; there are also many unusual suspects that contribute to suicide like medical hardships for those diagnosed with a disease or terminal illness as well as elderly, financial hardships, loss of a job or career, not being accepted into a specific college or learning difficulties in school, and relationship troubles.
The list is long and never exclusive.

We are very glad and fortunate you are viewing our website and realize the reason for your visit with us today is not likely out of pleasure or leisure.  We have a lot of great information you can find on this website that is always being updated.

Please take the time to explore the options available to you and make sure before you leave to visit the resource tab as it is by far the most important component of this website.

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You can buy your UMTR2ME silicone bracelet today by clicking the photo. Buy one for yourself or as a gift for a loved one or friend.
They are a great reminder that “You Matter To Me.”

UMTR2ME and “2TalkTextUMTR,” are soley for the purpose of community, support and referral to professional services.  We are not licensed doctors or therapists.  We strongly encourage you to always seek proper medical attention in relation to any and all forms of treatments including but not limited to medications and counseling.