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Selflessly burying his own pain and depression deep inside his own soul, Robin Williams put a warmth in our hearts and a smile on so many faces.  Many times those who were lost in their own depression could find ways of escaping through the laughter that Robin gave us.  Those tears of laughter have turned to tears of sadness.  Unfortunately this simply validates the fact that it’s not how happy a person looks on the outside but how happy a person feels on the inside.  We already miss you Robin and YOU WILL ALWAYS MATTER to so many.  It is our hope that through this tragic loss the darkness that is depression and mental illness will be broken by the light of education and awareness whose source will forever be the smile of our dear friend and forever a fighter for life, Robin Williams.  Rest in peace for the battle is now over.  ~UMTR2ME RW

“You Matter To Me,” a phrase so simple to say, yet not said enough.

“You Matter To Me,” a phrase needed to be heard, yet not heard enough.

UMTR2ME is simply a way of saying to someone  “You Matter To Me.”

UMTR2ME is a life changing-life saving non-profit initiative focused on providing quality hope, support, encouragement, education and resources for individuals who are struggling with mental illness, depression, or thoughts of suicide, in addition to supporting  family and friends.

We welcome and invite you to explore the many sections of this website which contain resources, education, support, hope and personal stories.

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UMTR2ME and “2TalkTextUMTR,” are soley for the purpose of community, support and referral to professional services.  We are not licensed doctors or therapists.  We strongly encourage you to always seek proper medical attention in relation to any and all forms of treatments including but not limited to medications and counseling.