Meet Yvonne Chief Finical Officer • Impact Director

Six interesting facts about Yvonne

An interesting fact most people don’t know about me:  I have a freckle behind my eye

My childhood dream was to be:  Police Officer

If I were a crayon what color would I be and why: Pink – because it’s so cheery

My most recent discover: Pure joy

My favorite word and why: Grit – It’s what makes you excel in life beyond your talents or smarts

My words of Wisdom: See the beauty wherever your travels take you

In her penned account, My Tamed Monster,” Yvonne shares first hand how difficult it can be at times to be a supporter of someone one struggling with mental illness.  She also reveals how wonderful the rewards can be if you never give up fighting.

If you have any questions about You Matter To Me impact opportunities, you can drop Yvonne an email at yvonne@umtr2me.org.