RESOURCES-Self Injury/Harm Support

The following is a national self-injury resource.   This organization has a strong on-line presence.  If you need assistance in locating a self-injury resource in your local area that you do not see on this list or if you would like to make a recommendation to add anorganization to this list, please send an email to so that we may assist you.

SiOS - Self Injury Outreach & Support

Whether you currently self-injure, have recovered, or know someone who self-injures and want to help, SiOS is the right place for you.

At SiOS, you’ll find a number of helpful resources about self-injury. They provide information, resources, and online videos for anyone who has self-injured, who has recovered, or who knows someone who self-injures. This includes information and resources for families, romantic partners, friends, teachers and mental health and medical professionals.
**SiOS – Self Injury Outreach & Support Website**