The UMTR2ME Bracelet

The story behind the UMTR2ME bracelet


UMTR2ME, which simply stands for the phrase, “You Matter To Me,” is a non-profit organization that offers hope, support, and encouragement to individuals who struggle with depression, mental health challenges, thoughts of suicide, and those who have attempted suicide, in addition to supporting family and friends.  One of the more impactful ways we achieve our mission is through our UMTR2ME silicone bracelet campaign.

Although these bracelets have gone through minor changes since we first launched in August of 2012, the message has never strayed from the purpose that Jimm envisioned.


In his own words Jimm explains that vision.

“I picture these bracelets serving two useful purposes that I hope will create a unique and personal experience to those who wear a UMTR2ME bracelet.  
On one side of the bracelet you’ll find the simple yet powerful message, “You Matter To Me” and it’s my hope when an individual finds themselves in a dark or hopeless place they’ll look at the bracelet on their wrist and remember no matter what, they matter to someone and they can reach out for help.

On the other side of the bracelet is the UMTR2ME website where individuals can find many resources that are available locally, nationally and internationally, to assist with whatever struggles they might be going through.  Struggles like addiction, depression, self-harm, mental illness, or any other struggle that leaves a person with the disillusioned idea that suicide is their only option.

I want anyone who wears a bracelet to feel empowered to share their story when asked about UMTR2ME and the bracelet on their wrist.  If you come across someone who takes the time to share their own story with you, I want you to put your personal bracelet, on their wrist, thank them for sharing their story, and tell them, “You Matter To Me.”  This creates a personal connection so when that person is going through a difficult time and looks down at the bracelet on their wrist, they’ll not only know they matter, but they’ll know who they matter to.  I don’t want anyone to worry about not having a bracelet so if you share your story with us and we’ll replace your bracelet at no cost.”


We believe it’s important for you to know that UMTR2ME does not sell these bracelets for a profit.
All money is put directly into the cost of packaging, shipping, and the purchase of new bracelets.
Bracelets may be bought in various quantities and color variations by visiting the link below.
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