Thank You


Thank You! 

It’s with a humble heart that we share a special word of thanks to the following amazing individuals, organizations, companies and groups who have supported UMTR2ME in so many ways throughout our journey.

Thank you to those who have provided support, guidance, friendship, inspiration, and thought provoking insight:
Alejandra Escobar-Gobel • Bill Howland • Bishop Eric Cannady and Tonia Cannady • Bonnie Bear • Brett Stucky •  Charles Wasserman, Phd. • Che Hernandez • Cindy Green • Deserea Bockness • Fabia Gabrielle • Jason Neese • Jill Yapo • John Moser • John Wagner • Johnny Pappas • Karen Moy • Kerri Floyd • Krista Aziz • Leo “Golden” Child • Lucien Croisetiere, Jr • Madonna Davison • Michele and Donnie Madden • Mitch LeBlanc • Nick St. Pierre • Noel and Julie Allen • Phil and Edie Metcalfe • Roz Hodgins • Sandra Bourdette • Sean Greer • Stan Collins • Steve Edelman, M.D, • Yeni Palomino • Yvonne Greer

Thank you to the following organizations and businesses who have lent their support to UMTR2ME in different, yet impactful ways:  
Aftershock • American Foundation for Suicide Support-San Diego Chapter • Atlanta Metro Way of The Cross Church • Birdman Media • Chula Vista High School • Comedy Palace • Commons Bar • Community Health Improvement Partners  • Coyote Ugly Saloon • Edenthorn • Estes Therapy • Hearts for San Diego • HSM-41 Seahawks • La Jolla Country Day School • Miramar Community College • Miramar MCAS • Mount Soledad Presbyterian Church • San Diego Coronado Bridge Collaborative for Suicide Prevention • San Diego Social Venture Partners • Santos Coffee House • Survivors of Suicide Loss-San Diego Chapter • Torrey Pines High School • Turner Construction • Vans Warped Tour • Versa Hosting

Thank you to the following companies who help spread the mission of UMTR2ME through our merchandise, marketing and print:
Amazon Smile • BannerBuzz • Blue Heron • Google • Miiduu • Mission Imprintables • Sticker Mule • Steve Clayton USA • T-Shirt Mart • U-Printing • • Zarvox

A special thank you from UMTR2ME founder, Jimm Greer:
“As a nonprofit organization, we rely solely on the financial support of generous individuals in our communities across the globe.  I realize there are many well deserving organizations that individuals can chose to support with their hard earned income.  So, on behalf of UMTR2ME, I am honored to recognize and express my personal appreciation for the sacrifices the following individuals and organizations have made to lend their financial support to UMTR2ME.  Even though words could never fully express my gratitude, I’d like to personally thank the following individuals.” Alejandra Escobar-Gobel • Atlanta Metro Way of the Cross Church • Bill Howland • Brittany Forecki • Gary & Linda Greer • Jill Yapo • San Diego Coronado Bridge Collaborative for Suicide Prevention • Mt. Soledad Presbyterian Church • Phil & Edith Metcalfe • Sandra Bourdette • Steve Edelman • Brett Stuckey & Turner Construction Inc.

We wish to thank everyone who has lent their support to UMTR2ME in one way or another.
Thank you for sharing the simply yet powerful message,
 “You Matter To Me.”