Meet Rhiannon

“Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night and wouldn’t you love to love her”?  If that sounds familiar maybe its because its was the A-side of a Fleetwood Mac single circa 1976.  In case you’re wondering thats where Rhiannon’s parents got her name.

Unfortunately, like all too many, suicide has had an impact on Rhiannon’s life.  In addition to finding the strength to fight through her own battles with depression and anxiety, she also lost her uncle, her closest cousin, and her partner, Chris, whom she refers to as, “the love of my life.

Volunteering with local community organizations like AFSP and now UMTR2ME, has enabled Rhiannon to understand and cope with her own struggles with depression.  Her passion to help others is one of the ways she honors the memories of those close to her that she has lost.  Rhiannon is passionate about helping others better understand suicide and depression so that hopefully they will not feel alone or ashamed.

Rhiannon is a San Diego native who loves spending time with her girlfriends, their kids and most of all her puppy Cornell (not pictured, the dog in the picture is her beloved golden retriever, Vedder, who was lost to cancer this past summer).  If you didn’t guess by the names of her dogs, Rhiannon is a huge 90’s grunge music fan and loves going to concerts.