Meet our Founder

Meet Jimm

The first thing you notice about Jimm when you meet him is his eyes are two different colors.  One is hazel brown and the other is hazel green.  The second thing you’ll notice is how much of a sincere and humble person he is.  Jimm will tell you that he never set out to start an movement that became a non profit organization that has been recognized across the globe.  He’ll tell you that he simply wanted to share his passion for helping others and to tell them, “You Matter To Me.”

Grounded with his personal experience of a suicide attempt at 18, followed by a bipolar 2 disorder diagnosis at 28, Jimm’s shares with others his personal story and how he ultimately found hope in his hopelessness.

On August 1, 2012, Jimm made a commitment to return to the familiar darkness he had spent so many years running from.  This time, waiting ahead of him, was an opportunity!  Now armed with a passion for helping others, he offers a light hope for those struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide.

Jimm lives in southern California with his wife of 21 years and enjoys managing his mental wellness through healthy lifestyle choices, physical activities, and active self-advocacy.

Jimm will tell you “not a single day goes by that I’m not dedicated to my passion of helping others through UMTR2ME.”  Jimm know the value and importance of self-care so he balances his dedication to UMTR2ME with physical activities like outrigger canoeing, kayaking, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, skateboarding, running, hiking and producing music.  Having played for several years, Jimm is a fan of rugby and enjoys watching Formula One racing with his wife.

You can read Jimm’s personal story and his passion for UMTR2ME by selecting the link below.
Jimm’s Full Story