Jimm Greer, Founder•CEO•Creative Director

Meet Jimm

Although UMTR2ME officially launched in August of 2012, the groundwork began in April 1969 when Jimm Greer was born in San Antonio, TX.

Growing up in Texas, Jimm spent much of his childhood struggling to understand why he felt sad and alone.  He had difficulty in school and fought drastic mood swings much of the time.  As years passed, the mood swings worsened and the failures multiplied. On March 23, 1988, as a senior in high school, Jimm hanged himself.  

Feeling his unsuccessful attempt at suicide was the peak of his failures, Jimm began resorting to negative coping mechanisms.  He sought comfort in things such as alcohol, drugs and excessive spending.  This consuming internal struggle continued for many years as he fought an undiagnosed mental illness.  

Ten years after his attempt at suicide and at the age 28, Jimm was hospitalized and clinically diagnosed with Manic-Depressive Disorder, now referred to as Bipolar Disorder 2, ADHD, OCD and as he often says, “a few other mental gems.”

With education, medication, and counseling, Jimm was able to exist alongside his diagnosis.  The medications made the instability of his mood swings manageable.  He moved to San Diego in 2007 with his wife Yvonne, and made significant improvements and lifestyle changes.  With his faith in God and the support of Yvonne, he was able to manage his mental illness without the use of medications.  However, even though he couldn’t put his finger on it, he still felt something was missing in his life. He sensed he had a greater purpose in life but wasn’t sure yet what that purpose could be.  

Jimm had never been hesitant to openly share his struggles with mental illness or talk about his attempt at suicide.  While exploring ministry options at the Rock Church’s Point Loma Campus, he was invited to attend a training session on suicide prevention.  It was hosted by the San Diego Suicide Prevention Council.  After attending the training, he was reminded of the heavy darkness of depression and suicide.  Jimm thought to himself how good it felt to be beyond those years of feeling the depths of pain and brokenness. He remembered and knew intimately of the hopeless reality a person struggling with mental illness experiences, and why they often have thoughts of suicide.  But, he also knew it was possible to find hope in the midst of one’s own hopelessness. With the support of God, family, and friends, Jimm successfully conquered the most desperate challenges of mental illness.  In the end, Jimm recognized a value, a goodness, hidden within his darkest experiences.  

With a new perspective, Jimm realized he had a choice to make.  It was a choice that would change his future and possibly the lives of others.  He could continue celebrating his own personal successes, or he could use his experience and help others who were trying to find their way out of their own depression.

Without hesitation, his purpose was clear.  He made a commitment and made it his purpose, to return back toward the familiar darkness.  This time, what was waiting ahead of him was an opportunity!  Now armed with a passion for helping others, he offers a light for those still suffering.  Jimm simply wants the opportunity to say, “You Matter To Me.

Jimm lives in southern California with his wife of 20 years and enjoys managing his mental wellness through healthy lifestyle choices and physical activities.  Jimm will tell you “not a minute goes by that I’m not dedicated to my passion, UMTR2ME,” but when he can he tries to enjoy activities such as outrigger canoeing, kayaking, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, skateboarding, running, hiking and producing music.  He’s also a big fan of rugby and Formula One auto racing.

Tell someone today, “You Matter To Me.”

Because you may not have the chance to tell them tomorrow.