UMTR2ME-You Matter To Me 

UMTR2ME founder, Jimm Greer spent much of his childhood struggling to understand why he always felt sad, fought drastic mood swings, and had difficulty in school.  As the years came and went the sadness and mood swings worsened until March 23, 1988, at the age of 18, and a senior in high school, Jimm attempted to take his own life.

Believing his unsuccessful attempt at suicide was his greatest failure in life, Jimm resorted to negative coping mechanisms like alcohol, drugs, and excessive spending to deal with a mental illness he was unaware he was fighting.

Ten years after his attempt at suicide Jimm was hospitalized and clinically diagnosed with Manic-Depressive Disorder, now referred to as Bipolar disorder 2, ADHD, OCD and as he often says, “a few other mental gems.”

After several years of medication, counseling, education, the support of his wife, and his continued faith in God, he was at a place in his life where he was able to manage his mental illness without the use of medication.  Jimm moved to San Diego in 2007 with his wife Yvonne and began the lifelong journey of successfully managing his mental wellness through positive lifestyle changes.  It was during this time he felt that something was still missing in his life but he couldn’t put his finger on what was missing.

If you’ve had the chance to meet and talk with Jimm, you know he has never been shy or embarrassed to share with others about his struggles with mental illness and his attempt at suicide.  While he often thought how good it felt to be beyond the years of hurt and brokenness that depression left him with, he also felt he had a greater purpose in life but wasn’t sure what that purpose could be.

Jimm knew about the hopelessness a person struggling with depression has and why they often have thoughts of suicide.  He also knew it was possible to find hope in midst of one’s own hopelessness.  Jimm realized he had a choice to make that would change his life forever and possibly the lives of others.  He could continue going through life enjoying the good place he was at and celebrating the fact he was no longer in the deepest pits of depression, or he could turn around and face the darkness that was behind him, knowing others were trying to find their way out of the same depths of depression he once was in.  Without any hesitation Jimm turned and ran right back into the darkness to offer hope, support and encouragement to anyone he could reach.

In August of 2012, Jimm launched the San Diego based non-profit organization, UMTR2ME-You Matter To Me.  Recognizing the threat of suicide is real and the results permanent, UMTR2ME reaches out to people suffering from depression, mental health challenges, and thoughts of suicide and exists to offer hope, support, and encouragement, within a personal relationship, to the individual as well as their family and friends.

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