We tried to cover most of the basic questions below along with a few specific ones as well.  If you have a question that is not covered in any of the sections below please send us an email at info@umtr2me.org.  One of our team members will typically respond with in 48 hours of receiving your email.

              General Information

Is UMTR2ME a not for profit organization?
UMTR2ME-You Matter To Me is recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit organization under the 501c3 classification.
You can view UMTR2ME’s 1023 application and IRS later of determination by selecting the following:
1023 Complete Application
501c3 Determination Letter

Is UMTR2ME and or the UMTR2ME logo registered or trademarked?
The UMTR2ME name and logo reregistered with the United States Patent and Trademark office under Reg. No. 4,462,795.
You can view the trademark certificate by selecting the following:
Trademark Certificate

                Donations • Financial

How does UMTR2ME allocate and or spend the money donated to the organization?
We believe in complete and absolute transparency with regard to how all money donated to UMTR2ME is spent.  Funds raised by and or donated to UMTR2ME are used to fund and support current programs, operating expenses, and to provide printed support and resource materials. You can view UMTR2ME’s financials by selecting the following:
UMTR2ME Financials

Are donations made to UMTR2ME tax deductible?
Yes, all donations made to UMTR2ME are tax deductible.  After a donation has been received you will receive a letter listing the amount of your tax deductible donation to be used by your tax preparer.

                          Counseling • Direct Service

Does UMTR2ME provide counseling services?
UMTR2ME does not  provide professional licensed counseling, therapy or treatment of any kind.  We have a network of qualified professional licensed mental health professionals we make referrals to when needed.  We highly encourage you to visit our Resources tab for a listing professional referrals.

How is the 1-on-1 Mentor program different from counseling?
UMTR2ME does not  provide professional licensed counseling, therapy or treatment of any kind.  The 1-on-1 Mentor program, which is provided at no cost, is for support purposes only and not meant to serve as professional licensed counseling or therapy.  Individuals are always referred to professional therapist for licensed counseling.

Is UMTR2ME a suicide/crisis resource or hotline?
UMTR2ME is not a suicide/crisis hotline.  You can text UMTR2ME to 741741 where a crisis counselor is available 24/7 in the U.S. to help get you to a calm place.  However, if you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide or is in immediate danger, please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

                            Speaking • Fundraising Events

Will UMTR2ME or Jimm  come speak at my church, community, or school event?
Though we may not be able to accommodate every speaking request we receive, UMTR2ME’s founder, Jimm Greer is always open to the possibility of speaking at as many events as possible.  If you are interested please have a representative of your business or organization visit the Speaker Request page for more details and to submit a request. You may also email our Impact Director with any questions yvonne@umtr2me.org.

Can I use the UMTR2ME logo for a fundraising or benefit event?
The UMTR2ME logo can only be used for UMTR2ME approved and or sponsored events. Events not approved or sponsored by UMTR2ME are not permitted to use the UMTR2ME logo as they are protected by trademarked issued specifically for UMTR2ME use only.

Can I hold a fundraising or benefit event to raise money for UMTR2ME?
To donate money raised from a non-sponsored UMTR2ME event, a charity beneficiary form will need to be submitted and approved before the event takes place.  Please send an email to info@umtr2me.org to receive the form.

Get Involved

Do I need to live in San Diego to volunteer with UMTR2ME?
Yes and No.  If you want to volunteer at local UMTR2ME events, you will need to live in San Diego or close by.  However, there are many different ways you can volunteer with UMTR2ME and not live in San Diego.  To learn more about the different ways you can be a part of UMTR2ME select the Get Involved link.