Connecting with Coffee

As technology continues to make advancements a lot of good things happen.  I mean, who doesn’t love the fact that you can have the answer to just about any question in less time than it takes to ask the question?  For example, you ask, “What’s the Tom Cruise film where he plays high school football?”  Almost instantly you have the answer: All the Right Moves-1983.

However, some advancements aren’t so good.  For instance, in as much as technology has increased our ability to communicate with one another, simultaneously it has decreased our ability to communicate with one another, in person that is.  Knowing the impact that sitting down and having a personal conversation can have, UMTR2ME founder, Jimm Greer launched Connecting with Coffee.  If you know Jimm, then you know how much he loves sitting down with a warm cup of craft coffee and having a conversation.

Connecting with Coffee gives individuals the opportunity to have an in person face-face connection.  Jimm believes that many of the challenges people face in today’s society might be easier to overcome if we just had the experience of having real conversations, with real people, about real struggles.

Connecting with Coffee gives you the opportunity to have a non-judgmental, confidential conversation about whatever topic you want to talk about, be it politics, religion, social issues, fashion, social media trends, relationships or maybe something a little deeper and more personal, you name it.  If you live in Southern California and would like to set up a Connecting with Coffee session with Jimm, send an email to

put down your cell phone,
pick up a cup of coffee,
and let’s connect!