“In case of emergency call___”

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“In case of emergency call___”

We’ve all seen the phrase, “In case of emergency call” just about everywhere.
So, what constitutes an emergency and who do you call.

If the emergency is an overdose, we might call poison control.
If the emergency is a heart attack we might call 911.

What if the emergency is a relationship that was ended by an unsatisfied partner?
What if the emergency is a panic attack or a serious depressive episode?

Wait a minute, are those last two scenarios real emergencies?  Aren’t emergencies life threatening situations we unwillingly find ourselves in?  Here’s what I believe constitutes an emergency.  Any life or situational circumstance that causes an individual to doubt or question the purpose of his or her life, in other words, suicide is being considered.

I understand what might be an emergency for one person, may not necessarily be an emergency for another.  So, if a person experiences a panic attack, struggles with a depression, struggles with self-harm, or if they wake up one day questioning their place in the world, that is most certainly an emergency!

But here’s the catch.  We each have to determine for our ourselves, who to call.  We must have a reliable support partnership with the person we choose to call.  You’ll notice I didn’t use the words support system but used the words support partnership.

I have a pretty good reason for doing so.  You see, the only way anyone, myself included, can ever receive the support we need is to first, admit we need support and second, reach out for support.  That’s why I say it’s a support partnership and not a support system.

So, all you need to do now, is fill in the blanks: “In case of ___________ call___________”




Tell someone today, “You Matter To Me.”

Because you may not have the chance to tell them tomorrow.