2018 Virtual Brain Games

UMTR2ME’s First
2018 Virtual
 Brain Games

Saturday March 10, 2018 – Monday March 19, 2018

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Research shows that individuals who actively engage their brains and bodies on a daily basis are more succesful at managing their personal mental wellness and that’s why each year we hold our annual Brain Games Scavenger Hunt fundraising event in San Diego, California.  We encourage individuals of all ages to engage their brains with mental activity and engage their bodies with physical activity.

This year, we’re inviting everyone, who lives outside of San Diego, California, to join us Saturday March 10, 2018, for our first UMTR2ME Virtual Brain Games.  This is an opportunity for you to engage your brains with the same challenging puzzles we’ll be solving in San Diego, then engage your body with a physical activity that you choose.  So, grab your friends and family and get ready to have some healthy fun.

Step 1)   Click the Register HERE button below to register for the Virtual Brain Games

Step 2)   Use your savvy search engine skills to solve 10 word puzzles using your phone, tablet, or computer.  The word puzzles will be emailed on March 10th t 8:00 A.M. PST.  These will be the same word puzzles that participants in San Diego will be trying to solve.

Step 3)   After solving the 10 word puzzles participiate in a physical activity for at least 1 hour.  You can run, jog, walk,hike, bike, etc., just make sure it’s a fun physical activity.

Step 4)   You have until midnight March 18, 2018 to email info@umtr2me.org with the subject, “Virtual Brain Games Answers” and the following:
– The correct answers to all 10 word puzzles
– The physical activity you chose to do (ex. walked, hiked, etc.)
– The amount of time you were physically active (ex. 1 hour, 1.5 hours etc.)

Step 5)   Once your email is received and the correct answers verified, you will receive a personalized certificate showing you participated in UMTR2ME’s Virtutal Brain Games.

We hope you’ll join us for this unique opportunity to bring self-awareness and balance to your mental wellness while having fun and supporting UMTR2ME-You Matter To Me.  We’d love to see photos of you doing your physical activity n Instagram. (#umtr2me, #2018umtr2mevirtualbraingames)

Even though this is a donation based fundraising event, registration is required for each person participating.
The first 10 participants to register will recieve a free Jimm’s Signature Pack, which includes 1 black and 1 white UMTR2ME silicone bracelet and 2 premium UMTR2ME vinyl stickers.