1-on-1 Mentor Request

UMTR2ME provides hope, support and encouragement through e-mail, text messaging, phone conversations, social media, and through our websites. Our websites features resources, educational articles and videos for individuals locally, nationally and internationally.  All of these options allow UMTR2ME to literally reach thousands of individuals across the globe.

However, we realize there will be times when nothing can substitute for personal one on one interaction.  If you live in Southern California and would like to request a personal 1-on-1 mentoring meeting, select the California bear button below to complete and submit your request.  ** This program is being extended, via Skype, to anyone living in a state other than California and or in a country other than the US.

Although some members of UMTR2ME have obtained and maintain current certification in areas such as individual and group crisis intervention, as well as suicide prevention; at this time no UMTR2ME representative is a licensed medical provider, therapist or counselor.  All 1-on-1 mentor meetings, conducted by UMTR2ME, are done so in a manner to encourage and help individuals seek proper professional care by a licensed health care provider.  At no time will any representative of UMTR2ME give advice with regard to medical treatment and or make medication recommendations. UMTR2ME will always recommend and make referrals to seek out properly trained and licensed medical professionals, and health care providers.

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